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Tulamben Bali, located in eastern Bali, is a renowned tourist resort recognised for the beauty of its underwater scenery. To clarify, on this page I will discuss the Liberty Shipwreck dive, which is one of the top Bali east coast diving spots. The bulk of Tulamben Bali visitors enjoy outdoor adventure activities. Tulamben Bali, to begin with, is a little settlement on Bali’s east coast. Furthermore, the bulk of the Village’s population are fishermen. On the other side, work as a farmer, trader, construction worker, governmental official, or in the tourism industry. In Bali’s underwater world, the location is equally well-known as a scuba diver’s paradise.

Things To Know Before Visit Tulamben Beach

East Bali Beach Sunrise
Photo by Danny Schleicher

To clarify, Tulamben is a village area in the northeast of Bali island. Also, the village overlooks the Lombok strait, which is very rich in maritime life. Above all, Tulamben Village governs by the Kubu District in the northern part of the Karangasem Regency – Bali. The Tulamben village Karangasem is also close to other dive sites on the island of Bali, namely the Amed beach in Karangasem Bali.

Meanwhile, if you depart from south Bali, let say from Kuta Beach Bali, to reach the Tulamben village Karangasem, it will cover a distance of 102 kilometers, with estimated travel time around 3 hours. To obtain it easier for you to find the location of Tulamben village Karangasem, please use the Google map below!

Most importantly, if you like diving or snorkeling, the name Tulamben Village will be familiar to you. Furthermore, Tulamben Village, as one of the tourism spots in Bali, has its uniqueness for water recreation.

Also, if you dive in Tulamben Bali, you will see a shipwreck of the Liberty – US Army transport ship. Now well known as Tulamben Liberty Shipwreck. Also, the USS Liberty Ship Wreck is the most well-known scuba dive spot in Bali island suitable for a beginner.

This ship hit by torpedoed in 1942, during World War II by a Japanese submarine. The USAT Liberty ship was affected by torpedoed not on Tulamben, but nearby Lombok island. A rescue operation was held, and the USAT Liberty ship towed to Tulamben Beach, Bali. So the shipwreck placement was intended on Tulamben beach, not on underneath the ocean.

So in 1963, the biggest active volcano in Bali, which is Mount Agung, erupted. The causes eruption devastating damage on the East side of Bali. Due to the eruption of Mount Agung, causes the USAT Liberty ship to slide off the beach and goes to the sea. Now the Liberty ship becomes a place for coral life and other sea creatures.

As a result, the USAT Liberty wreck now lies about 30 meters deep and novice divers who have dive licenses can dive into the wreck. The ship location is about 25 meters from the beach, and you can swim directly to get to the area of the shipwreck. However, if you buy scuba diving packages in Tulamben, a boat will escort you to the wreck site. To get the highest part of the Tulamben Liberty Shipwreck is just about 5-meter depth.

Moreover, in the Tulamben area, there are many interesting dive sites. Most of the dive areas in Tulamben are on the southeast side. But on this page, we only inform the dive sites in Tulamben that are in high demand by tourists — namely diving in Tulamben Liberty Shipwreck

While the best time to dive at Tulamben, from September to November. Also, the seawater current is relatively calm. When you dive at Tulamben, besides able to see the Liberty shipwreck with coral marine life, also you will see large fish. Most of all, the type fish on this dive site is mola-mola and whale shark.

Most scuba divers, who dive at Tulamben will dive more than one time. Sometimes more than five times. You must be thinking now! Where to stay or is there any accommodation available for rent on close to diving spots! To get accommodation at Tulamben is quite easy. Due to many investors build a hotel, bungalow, and villas.

Tulamben Liberty Shipwreck Dive Price

Are you interested in diving at the location of the wreck of the USAT Liberty? If so, you will ask! What is the price of scuba diving with dive sites in the USS Liberty Tulamben Karangasem shipwreck area?

Scuba diving prices on the USS Liberty Shipwreck offered by AquaMarine Diving – Bali, ranging from beginner, intermediate, to professional levels. Here is a list of prices offered by AquaMarine Diving – Bali.

Wreck Diving Prices at Tulamben By AquaMarine Bali

PriceDive Site
USD 175/personLiberty Wreck Tulamben Kubu

Price Description AquaMarine Diving 1 Day

  • The price of scuba diving on the USS Liberty Shipwreck for one person,
  • The minimum order is two divers.
  • Booking 1 person is possible with additional fees.
  • Price includes pickup/transfer to hotels in southern Bali.
  • PADI certified dive guide (Divemaster or higher), a maximum ratio of 1: 4.
  • AquaMarine Diving cost includes diving equipment.
  • Lunch & bottled water provided.
  • Wreck diving prices Include tax and local transportation.
  • Free use of towels.
  • Wreck diving prices include insurance for divers.

If you don’t dare to dive in Tulamben but want to enjoy the underwater scenery, you can try other alternatives, namely snorkeling. The price of snorkeling in Tulamben ranges from IDR 500,000 / person, including a guide with a minimum booking of 2 people. You can book snorkeling activities directly on the spot, but for vehicles to Tulamben, you must provide your own.

Most tourists vacation in Bali and stay overnight in the southern part of Bali. When they want to try snorkeling activities in Bali, they will choose the location of snorkeling in Tanjung Benoa beach near Nusa Dua Bali. The reason is that the distance from Seminyak to Tanjung Benoa is around 18 kilometers, with a travel time of 40 minutes.

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